Protests at Old Trafford, the Peak of Supporters' Frustration to Glazer

Protests from Manchester United fans (Twitter)

A large demonstration as a form of protest against the Glazer Family was carried out by supporters Manchester United on Sunday (02/05) midnight IST, just before Week 34 of the Premier League in a historic match against Liverpool.

Supporters seemed to know that the demonstration would grab the world's attention, especially with the North West Derby between two eternal rivals of football in England. The third major demonstration took place and was not necessarily the culmination of it.

"We (fans) decide when you (MU) will play," was the chant of the fans in front of Old Trafford as they lit the flares, demanding the Glazer resign and blocking the entrance to the stadium.

Two previous demonstrations took place at Old Trafford which was continued by breaking into the Man United training center. At the supporters' action, the three fans literally formed a sea of ​​people, forcing the match to be postponed, and all gathered for one reason: overthrowing the Glazer regime.

BBC Sport writer Simon Stone describes the supporters' action at Old Trafford as mostly being followed by youth in their relative 20s, but there are also adult men and women in their 50s or 60s.

They wore a green-gold scarf, the color of United's first jersey when it was under the old Newton Heath name in 1878, but it was also a symbol of the anti-Glazer protests in 2010.

"This is a warning to football club owners that in the end, they (supporters) will not accept what they have done in the last few weeks," said United legend Gary Neville.

Mounting Anger

The European Super League which was formed by 12 clubs (including MU) sparked the anger of fans. Most of the clubs withdrew from the controversial league, but the 'damage has been done and like any other fans United fans are angry.

The difference is that MU fans are no longer surprised by the attitude that Glazer has taken because they already know how bad Glazer is in managing the club. Ed Woodward resigns from his position as CEO of MU after 16 years of work, fans want that to happen to Glazer too.

In terms of commercial income, Glazer provides a significant increase. Knowing how big and popular United are in the world, they capitalize on regional sales all over the world.

Sir Alex Ferguson with the Glazer Family
Sir Alex Ferguson with the Glazer Family

In addition to partnering with well-known sponsors with big contracts such as Adidas, Chevrolet, they also have telecom partners in America and Canada as well as in Africa and China. Naturally, Glazer took a few percent of the profits from it.

Man United's ability to recruit players is also quite large plus the development of the academy, even Sir Alex Ferguson once supported the Glazer Family, which he considered always supported him in the player transfer market, never criticized.

Even so, Man United fans are aware that in the last 16 years the Glazer Family is a figure who only cares about money, has no love for a club that is 149 years old.

United's debt has piled up, achievements are minimal, player purchases in the last few seasons have been ineffective, and United has been fasting for the league title since 2013. The demonstration itself has been going on since 2010 when MU declined with Ferguson as their manager.

Now all the emotions and frustrations of MU fans have reached a climax. Demonstrations can continue to occur as long as Glazer does not resign and the current situation is not ideal for all parties, especially the teams that are still fighting in the Premier League and Europa League. 

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